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Natural resources of the Housatonic River Basin have been injured by the release of chemical wastes, primarily polychlorinated biphenyls ("PCBs"), from the General Electric facility in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.  The contamination has affected aquatic organisms and their habitats, as well as water-related natural resources such as waterfowl and predators that consume contaminated aquatic organisms.  In addition to the harm done to natural resources, natural resource services have been impaired.  Natural resource services are functions provided by natural resources for the benefit of humans or other natural resources, such as recreational fishing for humans or nesting habitats for birds.

Restoration is managed by a group of federal, state, and local stakeholders. A group of Trustees as well as Connecticut and Massachusetts SubCouncils have been convened to guide the restoration process and to solicit input from the public.

The MA SubCouncil has retained the assistance of Stantec Consulting (Stantec)1 through a contract with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to coordinate restoration activities. 


Latest News

Proposed Amendment to Round 3 Restoration Plan for Housatonic River Watershed Restoration Program Land Protection and Habitat Conservation Projects:  The Massachusetts SubCouncil of the Housatonic River Natural Resource Trustees (MA SubCouncil), comprised of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, propose an Amendment to the May 7, 2013, Final Round 3 Restoration Plan and Supplemental Environmental Assessment for Land Protection and Habitat Conservation (Round 3 RP/SEA). The Round 3 RP/SEA presents the third round of a compensatory restoration program to restore, rehabilitate, replace, and/or acquire the equivalent of injured natural resources and/or the services provided by those resources and provides a means to disburse approximately $2 million for the implementation of Land Protection and Habitat Conservation projects through two subrounds of funding as part of the General Electric/Housatonic River Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration case.  The MA SubCouncil awarded $1,147,000 in the first subround of funding for Round 3 projects.

The proposed Amendment to the Round 3 RP/SEA recommends allocating up to $500,000 in additional funds to supplement the remaining funds available for the second subround of Round 3 projects.  Hardcopies of the proposed Amendment are available at the Lenox Library and other public libraries in the Housatonic River watershed in Massachusetts.

The MA SubCouncil will host a public meeting to provide an overview of the proposed Amendment to the Round 3 RP/SEA and solicit comments.  The public meeting will take place on Thursday, October 27, 2016, at 5:30 PM at:

The Lenox Library, Sedgwick Reading Room
18 Main Street
Lenox, MA 01240

Written comments regarding the proposed Amendment must be submitted on or before Friday, November 11, 2016 to:

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup
One Winter Street, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02108
Re: Round 3 RP/SEA Amendment
Attn: Karen Pelto

Additional information can be obtained by contacting Karen Pelto, MassDEP NRD Program Coordinator, at 617-292-5785 or karen.pelto@state.ma.us.




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  1Field work and report filings performed prior to October 1, 2007, were conducted by Woodlot Alternatives, Inc.  On October 1, 2007, Woodlot Alternatives, Inc. was acquired by Stantec Consulting Services Inc.  

Massachusetts SubCouncil, Housatonic River Natural Resource Trustees
1 Winter Street, 6th Floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02108
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